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Important working procedure for the blooming of sheet metal products

2016-06-07 10:34:17点击:

Sheet metal parts processing is characteristic of large size, small stiffness, complex shape. The characteristics of the production is many varieties, small batch, forming method diversification; and part skeleton includes longitudinal, transverse and oblique to the members, such as beams, stringers, bulkheads wing rib and;
With aerodynamic shape parts including the fuselage, wing, tail and the inlet of the skin, the missile body, the rudder surface skin, rocket engine combustion chamber and nozzle etc., interior parts, including fuel, manipulation, communication system and service facilities in all kinds of sheet metal processing parts, such as the fuel tank, catheters, a bracket, a seat.
Sheet metal processing is sheet metal and technical personnel to master the key technology, forming sheet metal products is an important process. Sheet metal parts processing is the sheet metal processing in need of some parts. It can be mainly divided into three categories, skeleton parts, with parts of the aerodynamic shape and interior parts.