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Company to the modern theory of sheet metal for the business philosophy, has spent heavily to introduce the Swiss Bystronic NC laser cutting machine, Japan AMADA CNC turn tower punch and CNC hydraulic bending machine, CNC tapping machine, wire drawing machine, Swiss sea Mo Le leveling machine company, American lattice company sea pressure riveting, welding robot Japan Fanuc Ltd, Lincoln, CO2 gas shielded welding machine, Germany Zeiss coordinate measuring instrument such as a foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment. At the same time, the company is equipped with considerable scale processing equipment, including three electrostatic spraying line and two manual spray room.


The company has independent import and export operation rights, currently holds < issued by the people's Republic of China Nanjing Customs of the people's Republic of China Import and export cargo collection consignor declaration registration certificate >, the import and export of goods amounted to more than 3000 million yuan.
Company through independent innovation, and external introduction of accumulation of the modern sheet metal manufacturing development, design, production and other aspects of the technical strength, combined with mature ERP information management and independent research and development of the domestic first sheet metal industry management and evaluation system, including the formation of the production cost estimates of technology, design and technology in the information control, precision metal manufacturing production technology and testing technology, after-sales product tracking service, so as to establish a complete set of precision metal manufacturing technology system, delivery customers for product excellence.
Company advocates people-oriented not only attaches great importance to strengthening employee training, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and the employees personal development goal and the enterprise strategy goal of unity, arouses staff's enthusiasm and passion, enhance the enterprise's cohesive force. The company has a highly efficient R & D team, mainly engaged in product R & D structure design, process development, production process and sheet metal digital information assessment and management, including a group of more than 30 people by the Engineer in sheet metal, welding engineer, tooling engineer, design engineers and software engineers, professional development team, for the vigorous development of enterprises laid the solid foundation.