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Sheet metal processing of thick plate in the use of which we can modify it

2016-06-07 10:35:23点击:

The current through in sheet metal processing oxygen flow was added around the flame preheating; in cutting oxygen flow around adding auxiliary oxygen flow, or the inner wall of the reasonable design of the nozzle, improve the flow field characteristics of airflow to improve the plate sheet metal processing in the presence of problems and difficulties.
Plate thickness direction of oxygen purity and pressure to maintain constant, decrease in oxygen purity also affect the quality of incision, increasing the supply gas pressure, the flow field of the nozzle easy to the formation of the shock and sheet metal processing in the cutting process has a lot of harm, reduce the purity of oxygen flow, affecting the cutting quality.
Quasi steady state combustion process and maintain more difficult, actual cutting plate process, can cut through the plate thickness is limited and combustion process to continue, cut the temperature at the top of the seam must achieve ignition, but actually cannot ensure combustion process continues, the combustion process is period of of, this will lead to temperature fluctuations in the frontiers of sheet metal processing, cutting quality becomes poor.
Sheet metal processing for 10mm thick plate cutting a cinch, and if to be processed more thick plate cutting effect is obviously insufficient, also need to greater laser power cutting machine to achieve. But more than 10mm steel processing in technology or requirements are relatively high, the difficulties