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Basic idea:
The company recognizes the importance of maintaining the earth's environment, and in all the business activities, fully embodies the concept of environmental protection, put into action, continue to improve environmental management activities.
Environmental policy:
1, considering the company's production activities, products and services on the environment caused by the impact of continuous improvement and pollution prevention commitment.
2, the company to maintain the environment as an important issue of the company's operations, the establishment and maintenance of environmental management system.
3, strictly comply with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.
4, the environmental policy ensures that all employees and employees on behalf of the company's employees, and for the public awareness.
5, the company continued to promote environmental protection activities, while the concept of environmental protection to convey to the company's business activities in the relevant parties, when necessary to assist the relevant parties should be improved in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.
The company has passed ISO14001 international environmental management system certification in 2008
Protect the environment and prevent pollution and save energy