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China's sheet metal network fits into the supply market, the main mode of innovation

2019-03-08 11:06:57点击:
In recent years, the continuous driving of the macro economy has enabled China's sheet metal industry to fill the market demand that needs to be filled, and achieve continuous growth in output value and output. Compared with the active sheet metal market, the lack of technological innovation has undoubtedly become a breakthrough and perfection in the domestic sheet metal industry.
Longitudinal analysis of China's sheet metal industry, most companies have a certain degree of marginalization, the so-called single support system. At this stage, although a number of comparatively dominant entities have emerged in the Chinese market, they have been at the forefront of industry development with strong technology research and development capabilities, high-quality sheet metal products and advanced management models, and have become the international development of the market. The main body of the pioneer; but it is unavoidable that most of the sheet metal companies do not have the technological research and development capabilities or product development capabilities comparable to them.
Under the premise that small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have competitive advantages occupy a large proportion of China's sheet metal main body, how will China's sheet metal industry respond to increasingly advanced foreign advanced enterprises? What is the competitive advantage of the domestic sheet metal industry? The cluster-based development based on the main cooperation has become an urgent demand in the domestic sheet metal industry.
As a large-scale e-commerce platform dedicated to the development of China's sheet metal industry and enterprises, China has effectively promoted domestic sheet metal by providing professional business service modules such as information supply, purchase information, enterprise library, industry information, and industry exhibitions. Communication and cooperation between enterprises provides an important platform for the casting and strengthening of the advantages of China's sheet metal clusters.