Suzhou First Sheet Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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1, enterprise purpose
Research and development of precision metal industry, services in the new energy, rail transport, electronics, aerospace, machinery industry, financial equipment and other fields, is committed to providing better quality.
Meet customer requirements and market demand, customer interests first.
With lofty moral standards, strict implementation of the industry norms engaged in a variety of business activities, pay attention to customers, staff related interests, assume social responsibility, promote social harmony.
2, corporate vision
Become China's best metal products production and processing enterprises
Become the world's most influential metal products industry manufacturers and service providers
3, the core values of the enterprise
Integrity: Based on the enterprise.
Innovation: the source of enterprise development
Responsibility: enterprise moral self-cultivation
Win win: the way of enterprise's survival
4, business philosophy
We are accustomed to thinking, willing to find problems;
We try to use the facts as the basis and use the data to speak;
We focus on goals measurable, planned to be actionable;
We strive for excellence (and simple and efficient), and constantly sum up ways of doing things, and strive to explore the law of work;
We respect the norms and standards, strict discipline;
We have the courage to face the reality, the courage to take responsibility.
5, corporate culture
Be high One can be austere without selfish desires
Heart of heaven and earth have ready plans to meet a situation
Because steady and mature
Based on mature cast brilliant