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On the development and future of sheet metal industry

2016-08-01 9:43:07点击:

1, China's status as a global manufacturing center will further consolidate the status of the
With China's integration into the process of global economic environment and speed up the economic strength of the rapid rise, China has become the world's most dynamic economic region. China Economic facilities, industrial development is relatively mature and labor costs low, has become the world sheet metal manufacturing center of comparative advantage, sheet metal manufacturing industry of export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics. To strengthen the central position first in recent years of hardware products export overall growth: sheet metal products export growth rate were higher than production growth rate higher than sales in the domestic market growth rate.
2, the cooperation between enterprises will be significantly strengthened
Under the environment of global competition, in order to obtain a favorable position in the competition and improve the competitiveness, the industrial capital is another theme of operation industry from the perspective of capital, the main characteristics of current is the expansion of capital intensified. From the point of view of competition and resource sharing among enterprises in increasing cooperation.
3, the market competition will shift to high - quality, high - tech products
With the competition in depth, sheet metal at different stages of the industrial chain's profit margins were in compression, the price of space tends to decrease. More and more enterprises recognize the price competition alone cannot establish the core competitiveness, not long-term development direction, in order to explore a new path of development.
4, the competition among sales channels is also increasingly fierce
Due to the oversupply of domestic sheet metal products, the quality of pressure increases, sales channels to become one of the key competitive factors, the parties to compete for the channel is becoming increasingly fierce.
5, the integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will be further accelerated
Stainless steel sheet metal, sheet metal chassis, cabinets processing is optimistic about the prospects for the industry, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, not only to improve their own strength, the quality of the products, but also continuous research and innovation, improve production technology and processes, to rely on technology, take the quality as the life, take the customer as the center, so as to more long-term development, in the fierce competition in the market won a seat.