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Processing technology of sheet metal processing

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Welding is the lower melting point than the parent material of metal solder, welding and heating the solder is higher than the melting point of the solder, but lower than the temperature of the melting point of the parent material, the use of solder wetting liquid base material, fill joint gap, and similar to that of the base metal interdiffusion methods for connection of the weldment.
There are many kinds of welding and habits according to the melting temperature of the solder the welding brazing welding (liquidus is equal to or more than 450 DEG C) and soldering (liquidus <450 DEG C)
Root Zelkowa acuminata heating method of different can be divided into iron welding, flame welding, resistance welding, induction welding, gas welding, beam welding, wave soldering welding, ultrasonic welding and so on.
Welding process characteristics are as follows:
(1) the base metal is not melted.
(2) the fusion line and the heat affected zone are not normally present in the weld joint.
(3) deformation is very small, some integral heating welding method can ensure that the product is not deformed, can realize the precision connection.
(4) the connection of dissimilar metals or dissimilar materials is easy to be realized.
(5) the connection and manufacture of complex structural products that can be completed by several or even dozens of pieces at a time.
(6) in a heating cycle can be completed at the same time to complete the welding and heating in a variety of combinations of process, high efficiency.