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Matters that should be paid attention to during the bending process of sheet metal processing

2016-06-02 8:33:46点击:

In the process of sheet metal processing usually in the completed blanking, into the next procedure, according to different workpiece processing the request into the corresponding process. Bending, pressure riveting, flange tapping, spot welding, convex hull, difference, sometimes bending one or two must be nuts or studs well pressure, its have convex hull and a central making die to consider first processing, in order to avoid other processes first after processing will attack intervention, can not fulfill the requirements of the processing. On the upper cover or the lower crust with hook, such as bending can not touch welding to before bending processing.
Bending should be the first to according to the drawings of the dimensions and thickness data must bend with the tool and cutter groove to prevent products and tool collision caused deformation is mold selected key (in the same product, may use different types of upper die), mode selection according to according to the thickness of the plate to affirm. Secondly is certainly bending sequence, the ordinary bending rules is after the first, after the first large, special ordinary. To crushed to death on the edge of the workpiece, the workpiece bending up to 30 DEG to 40 DEG; and then leveling die will workpiece crushed to death.