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The development of sheet metal industry will be strong

2016-07-05 15:11:20点击:

With the more and more extensive application of sheet metal, are increasingly high requirements for sheet metal, sheet metal products with light weight, high strength, conductive, low cost, mass production performance is good wait for a characteristic, in the electrical and electronic, communication, automobile industry, medical equipment, and other fields has been widely used.
Due to the wide applications of sheet metal products and its downstream includes almost all of the manufacturing sector, mainly in the industries of electronic communications industry, automobile manufacturing industry, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation industry, household appliances, etc.. Generally speaking, all kinds of mechanical and electrical products of metal forming parts, mostly the sheet metal production process. Among them, the stamping process for mass production, and CNC sheet metal process is suitable for production of precision.
In fact, sheet metal pieces of the overall requirements are not very high, just pay more attention to the assembly, but the requirements of precision sheet metal is to strictly enforce the tolerance, if the ultra poor assembly is not qualified, the tolerance requirements are also than normal high a level, so precision sheet metal processing requirements will more strictly.
Although sheet metal processing industry of China to the world and in many of the world 's customers occupy a certain market share, but technology level with the developed countries enterprises comparison and a certain gap, critical gap is technical service ability is weak, can not fully, in a timely manner to meet customer demand. With the increasing of the degree of internationalization of the industry, industry leading enterprises have gradually realized the gap, and gradually establish a complete manufacturing and service system, which is part of the enterprise on the technical level and developed countries enterprises compared gap has significantly reduced.