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The development of sheet metal processing industry provides a broad market prospect.

2016-07-13 15:46:45点击:

Sheet metal processing production industry is a classic traditional sheet metal processing industries. With the last century, semiconductor, computer, laser, etc. have invented sheet metal processing, to sheet metal processing production industry has injected new vitality, also greatly promote the aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, electronic communication and precision instrument and machine tools industry development.
With the development of science and technology, promote the human mode of production, way of thinking changes. Advanced manufacturing industry and information industry, more and more highly valued. Science and technology to guide the development of industrial development direction and mode of production to promote the production process of material wealth. Sheet metal processing industry gradually formed and developed. Greatly accelerated the manufacturing industry of the hair, sheet metal, processing, distribution pattern breaks down the traditional simple logistics transportation procurement practices, introduced the concept of processing and distribution, concepts and ideas that broadens the horizons, accelerated the integration of traditional mechanical manufacturing and technology.
The current development of foreign processing and distribution pattern has been very mature, the procurement of raw materials - cutting (blanking) blanking, bending and welding (assembly) - grinding - spray packaging and distribution integration services. There metal processing enterprises from manufacturing enterprises in the procurement of raw materials, transportation and other complex procedures, saves customers a lot of manpower, material resources and energy; for since the purchase of equipment for processing customers is the saving investment, the purchase of equipment, personnel recruitment, management of material inventory, etc. a lot of internal resources. The research so that the manufacturing enterprise development and market trends focus on new technologies, and the manufacturing enterprises able to adapt to the market change unpredictably reduces the risk of the enterprise, from the market.
In the next five years to 15 years, China's implementation of the third step of the strategic deployment of an important period. In order to improve the people's living standards, rapid increase in an important material basis for people's survival and quality of life, we must accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. To firmly grasp the expansion of domestic demand, market development opportunities, seize the accession to the WTO opportunity to participate in the international division of labor, catch increased to accelerate the development of precision machinery manufacturing opportunities, and strive to improve the level of equipment, rapidly changing industrial equipment seriously lagging behind the needs of production and construction of the sheet metal processing production industry development has provided a broad market prospect.