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How to reduce the bending machine setup time

2016-07-13 15:47:59点击:

In recent years, sheet metal processing factory specializes in to prepare for the complex bending machine processing technicians more and more tight, factories are dependent on the operation of the workers themselves to complete the preparation and operation of bending machine. Sheet metal processing industry in terms of machine tool and die appeared a number of technical progress now machine can be punching, cutting and bending and speed and accuracy than people expected.
Implementation of standard operating procedures (standard operating procedures) so as to ensure consistency and reduce repeatedly set the parts and the resulting material waste. The SOP is not only helpful to try to shorten the processing time to prepare, but also improve the consistency of bending sequence operation, can also cause less individual operator parts deviation is decreased.
Preparation work: one for the regular processing tasks, bending machine operator can be used means of is to use "to prepare work orders. Hints prepare worksheet in form of file specified each application using the tool and die as well as the relevant specific processing tasks, each re emergence of the processing tasks are required to use.
Photos: the factory should consider using a number of snapshots to record the mold positioning and specific block. These photos can also be used as a reference for future applications.
In the open state under loading: another important means is must in the machine tool in the fully open state download loaded tooling is material, for the operator to provide easier to close to the working space and the formation of a safe working environment.
Professional tools
The factory should also consider the use of appropriate procedures and tools system, as above, the feeding device, so that workers can more quickly and more effectively complete the regular processing tasks.
Auxiliary tool features: many steps into the molding system contains the punch holder, button operated safety clip, quick change 2V pressure mode and electric pressing mechanism, so operator alone one can very quickly to replace the mold. These systems also help to workers to operate more independent, more effectively accomplish the task without compromising safety.
Sectional die: according to the need of bending length for making fine grinding sectional die components without having to spend any more time to the mold is cut into a certain length. Grinding mold or reduce or omit the adjusting shim need. Light section mold weight light, good handling, so you can reduce the manual labor and fatigue and reduce the possibility of accidents, to prolong the using life, fine grinding mold is hardened and surface hardening.
In mould labelling: now mold almost all information related to the laser etching, which is convenient for the workers to quickly identify mold, planning and reordering. These information generally include class number, knife sharp radius, V-shaped slot die, length and rated tonnage.
Die storage: grouping with cabinet mould preservation can improve security and improved the dual benefit of material / tools management, the orderly storage system, do not have to a custom length of die and find all over the tool frame. In addition, orderly storage enable managers to more alert to monitor the mold, so as to ensure the high quality of the inventory, timely identification of the die wear and damage and determine the way and time of the replacement of the mold.
Machining characteristics of machine tools
The new bending machine provides advanced functionality and a number of features that can help workers to run the machine more efficiently, and to master the new machine tool control characteristics of the operator can use these features to improve performance.
Workpiece mold memory specification: new CNC bending machines are a common feature: can store part specifications and all related information processing, such as types of mould, position and bending sequence. Moreover, CNC functions enable workers to operate to storage and access of tool library, for the management to provide a convenient tool inventory.
Material thickness detection: the use of fine grinding die, bending machine can detect the change of the thickness of the material and the real-time bending calculation, thus reducing the bending angle is too large or insufficient number of parts.
3-D graphics display and bending simulation: with the bending of the workpiece molding, these functions can be displayed on the controller screen parts bending process, to avoid the improper parts forming materials scrapped.
Offline programming: bending machine offline programming can save the preparation time, because workers do not have to prepare parts processing procedures; parts program can be prepared by the technical staff and pass to the bending machine.
With principle of "universal die filling height: general die filling mould height series, can use" plug and play "function to simplify complex hierarchical mold adjustment. General die filling mould height is accompanied by CNC vertical movement block material and developed successfully. In order to accurately use" universal die filling height, vertical CNC control is necessary, because the general die filling height is the die opening bottom to keep the same height (from the lower mould seat) and implemented. Under the die opening Zhang Dashi, mode to the total height must be correspondingly increased. This is a universal die filling height type molds no longer need to tailor-made pads or special gasket driven tooling synchronous closed.
Small and complex parts often need to offset bending, 90 DEG bending and straightening, the preparation usually takes on more than one machine or equipment. Grade or general assembly die height die making the can in a material by a bending machine to complete this operation. Using the universal assembly die height die, the operator can in modes with the same seat installation mode of 30 degrees, migraine, leveler mode and goose mode and complete parts processing.
Make full use of bending technology
The bending machine metal processing plant is currently faced with complex problems, the high cost of raw materials to each a piece of blank must become a good product. Rapid response, willing to change bending forming section operation mode in order to adapt to the current needs of sheet metal processing factory can reduce the preparation time, thereby obtaining a large production capacity and reduce the rejection rate. Better use of storage and inventory system, comprehensive utilization of machine tool functional and fully tap the human resources is help bending molding workshop to improve efficiency and productivity of the effective method.