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Two best methods to remove oxide in sheet metal processing

2016-05-19 12:55:52点击:

The brief overview of sheet metal processing in different kinds of metal materials processing, process of sheet metal processing for metallic materials, in fact is an certain needs. Of course, this is not just need metal sheet integrity, and a metal appearance also needs to have a set of requirements, such as metal is excessive oxidation, sheet metal processing is requirements of metal can not be oxidized. Also, the thickness of the metal takes more than disposal of goods after thickness; but in actual operation, there is almost no no oxidation of the metal, the on the need for oxidation of the metal how to dispose of it?
Stainless steel processing operations are usually by bending, side bar, welding or by artificial appearance grilled heating disposal, resulting in the black oxide skin. The black oxide skin is relatively strong, containing nicr2o4 and NIF two EO4 components. In the past basic on is by use of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid are strong corrosion way to get rid of. But this method because of the pollution of the environment, harmful to human body, corrosion is relatively large and the cost is gradually abandoned sheet metal processing industry. The sheet metal processing factory for oxide solution movi have two:
1. By the chemical method: the use of a pollution-free pickling passivation cream and normal temperature without poisoning with inorganic additives for cleaning liquid immersion. To reach the nature of stainless steel whitening treatment intent. Treated by the method of metal equipment appears to be a light color. This method of large-scale, mixed and disorderly goods is applicable.
2 sand blasting method / shot blasting method: in general is the use of micro glass bead method, remove the appearance of black oxide.