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Overview of sheet metal processing equipment and products

2016-06-22 13:36:08点击:

1, standard and non - standard chassis, IPC chassis cabinets, network cabinets, cabinet of integrated wiring, server cabinet, control cabinet, electrical cabinets, cabinet power supply, power cabinet, distribution box / cabinet, cabinet shielding, the fire cabinet, waterproof cabinet, fireproof cabinet, console, screen wall, all kinds of general cabinet, sheet metal processing, etc.
2, all kinds of industrial computer chassis, equipment chassis, computer chassis, cabinet products, touch screen cabinets, medical cabinets, video chassis, electronic control box, U box, Tt chassis, multimedia platform, non line editing platform, etc.;
3, metal and non metal shell, instrument shell, shell anti, casing for electric appliances, mechanical shell, waterproof box, cassette mold combination, terminal, digital frame, fiber boxes IC card, all kinds of frame and related accessories;
4, ancillary products, UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply, battery and other power equipment; thermostats, fan, cooler, air conditioner, radiator, cables, wires and wiring system; box machine, mixer, directional coupler, switcher, splitter exchange matrix card and line card; lightning protection equipment, transient voltage surge suppressors, power lightning protection socket, surge protector module; the guide rail, a lock bolt and supporting products.
5. Processing equipment:; laser cutting machine, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, CNC lathe, planar sand grain machine, intelligent argon arc welding machine, capacitive energy storage spot welder, sheet metal and mold design; surface coating, electrostatic spraying equipment, shelves, cold-rolled plate, iron and aluminum, and other related products.