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Sheet metal processing manufacturers competitive market industrialization upgrade

2016-06-22 13:32:35点击:

In recent years, the Pearl River Delta, sheet metal processing in the Yangtze River Delta region production company in production accumulated a variety of leading production skills and technical equipment, basically have mold development, description and processing capacity, stamping parts production specialization, relatively high degree of automation, production of large scale, high precision, for more humane, more systematic.
Future sheet metal processing production will be carried out will follow a low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, material saving description and production concept, to fine, efficient, professional, large-scale, international direction of development, Chinese companies to be able to shoulder important tasks and later from six aspects of the transition. As the world's processing of manufacturing center, China has attracted a large number of foreign capital investment, basically assembly manufacturing industry to be used in sheet metal products. At present, using general sheet metal factory is domestic equipment and equipment moving marry rate is not high, low efficiency, processing, there are technical bottleneck. General sheet metal enterprises in less than 100 the following scale, in the industry.
Sheet metal manufacturers competition is not very intense, the profit space is considerable, small scale sheet metal factory mainly limited to technology and processing equipment, processing technology is backward, obsolete equipment, low machining accuracy, processing of products such as a single. Sheet metal products processing more and more refined, divided into thick sheet metal processing and precision sheet metal processing, thick sheet metal processing include: mechanical equipment, machine shell, chassis cabinets, trash cans, etc.; precision sheet metal processing include: computer case, precision parts, network products surface required very strict products. At present, two thirds of the equipment investment of our country rely on imports. The optical fiber manufacturing equipment of 100%.
The sheet metal industry is closely related with our life, although relative to the metal processing accounted for only 20% to 30% of the proportion, but almost all of the manufacturing industry will relate to the sheet metal processing, such as electric power industry, machine industry, food machinery, textile, electrical, instrumentation, equipment, electric power, network, sanitation, bath and kitchen, office and so on; concrete products are: high and low voltage cabinet, control cabinet, control box, electric box, trash, equipment and machine shell, network cabinet, computer chassis, electrical appliance shell, stainless steel kitchen equipment, office furniture products, Metro products, and so on.