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Matters needing attention in sheet metal processing in Suzhou

2016-05-19 12:53:28点击:

1, before the work to wear a good working dress, tie a good sleeve, wearing protective glasses, women wear a good working cap, long distributed in the hair care cap, no gloves to operate.
2, the loading chuck of lathe spindle, must stop, not to remove chuck using the motor power.
3 and the clamping chuck for holding the workpiece of the dial, the protruding part of the heart-shaped clip it is best to use protective cover, in order to avoid wrings clothes and other parts of the body. If there is no protective cover, the operation should pay attention to keep a certain distance.
4, with the top clamping workpiece, we should pay attention to the center of the center and the center of the spindle hole should be completely consistent, can not use the broken or skew of the top, before the use should be top, center hole clean, the top of the top to top.
5, turning the slender workpiece, in order to ensure the safety of operation and processing quality, should be used with the tool holder or the center frame, beyond the scope of the lathe processing parts, should set the mobile protective cover and safety mark.
6, the irregular shape of the workpiece when the workpiece should be loaded balance, in the trial balance after cutting.
7, the tool holder should be firm, and the cutter head should not exceed 1.5 times of the height of the knife body, the shape and size of the tool should be consistent with the cutter body shape, size, and the gasket should be as small and flat.
8, in addition to the operation of the lathe is equipped with automatic measurement of the measuring tool, should stop and move the tool carrier to a safe position after the measurement of the workpiece.
9, cutting the ribbon cutting, spiral long chips, should be used to remove the hook in a timely manner, is strictly prohibited by hand.
10, in order to prevent crushing and cutting debris wounding, should be installed in the appropriate location of the transparent baffle (transparent shield).
11, with gauze and polish the surface of the workpiece, the tool moved to a safe place, and be careful not to let the hands and clothing in contact with the workpiece surface. Grinding inner hole, not with finger support gauze, should use the stick to replace, and speed shoulds not be too fast.
12 and prohibited the use of tools, fixtures and workpieces put on the lathe bed and spindle gearbox. Work to thought. No operation fatigue, chat operation, more than one person to operate, operating under the influence of alcohol, smoking.
13, keep machine tools, tools, work neatly, do a good job of hand over. Clean the work of the work, should be off the power, will be a variety of knife handle to the security office.