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Special shaped sheet metal processing will be applied to various fields

2016-06-27 15:05:09点击:

Profiled sheet metal processing in machinery and equipment manufacturers also have a high rate of appearance, since 2005, sheet metal industry is very rapid development momentum, market position and weight also becomes more and more important, not only for my business brought huge economic interests, to the production and life of the residents of our brings convenience.
Profiled sheet metal processing of bulky products mold manufacturing cost is very high, laser processing without any mold manufacturing, and laser processing to completely avoid the material punching formation of edge collapse can greatly reduce enterprise's production cost and improve product quality, can greatly reduce the processing time, the laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing. To reduce the processing cost, improve the quality of the workpiece. Pulse laser for metal continuous laser application in non metal materials, which is the important application areas of laser cutting technology.
Gets extensive application in the profiled sheet metal processing, which solves the problems existing in the processing of sheet metal parts with high accuracy, complex shape, large volume and other. Application of numerical control technology greatly improves the ability of sheet metal processing, so that the sheet metal on the quality, yield guaranteed, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers, the design of profiled sheet metal processing has become a very important part in the product development process, so mechanical engineers must master the sheetmetal design skills, in order to make the design of sheet metal can not only meet the requirements of product function and appearance. The stamping die manufacturing is more simple, and the cost is much lower.